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CH U-CH Lookout's FV Ocean Fury OA MXJ CWD SROM

We always said we didn't like a lot of white on our PWDs and Ecko was a cosmic joke on us as we felt the puppy under the white fluff was such a nice girl that we just couldn't pass her up.   She was smart  and feisty and thought the world was her oyster!

Ecko's dam (Stoker), grand-dam (Chili) sire/grandsire (Kilo) and brother (Cooper) can also be found on our site.

DOB: 12/13/07 (Deceased)

GM-1: Normal
Optigen: Norrnal/clear
OFA Hips: 5702G24F (Good)
OFA Elbows: 2024F24 (Normal)
JDCM: 1-1 (Probable Normal)
Improper Coat: Carrier

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